Stefan Holm Mardo

Stockholm based, Stefan Holm Mardo is a photographer, videographer, director, and video editor. His craft has taken him to all corners of the world, with extended periods in Paris and Buenos Aires. After graduating from Beckmans School of Design in 1990, he began his career as a photographer and graphic designer; contributing to youth magazines such as Ultra Magazine and Nöjesguiden, and designing books, flyers and album covers. Later his focus shifted to photography, focusing on portrait, fashion, reportage, products, and advertising.

Holm Mardo’s work has been featured in publications such as Bon, Café, Perfect, Odalïsque, Cosmopolitan, DN, Form, RES, Vagabond [SWE], WAD, WARE, Jalouse [FR], Label [ITA], Vanidad [SPA], Sustainable Industries, Planet [US]. His commercial clients include Adidas, Diesel, Spotify, Synsam, The House, Keolis, Absolut, Kahlúa, Pommery, Bailey’s, Explorer, Telia, Klarna, Stockholms Stadsteater, Hyper Island, Good Looking Records, V2 Records, Bonniers, and Norstedts. He also directed several music videos, and has numerous exhibitions to his credit.

In 2019, Holm Mardo released NO LIMIT, a photo book brimming with vintage photos and interviews with former club kids from Stockholm’s wild club days in the early 90s.

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NO LIMIT – Stockholm Clubland 1992–95

In the early 90s something new was happening in Stockholm. A group of compelling extroverted adventurers from all over Sweden met at Stockholm’s clubs and with them a new attitude was born: do whatever you want, look however you want – anything is possible! The ambition was to have fun, live for the moment and do your own thing. This group put Stockholm on the map and laid the foundation for the city’s status as a mecca for design, fashion, music and IT, something we today take for granted. Before the 90s, outside Sweden, Stockholm was basically known for polar bears and hot blondes.

At that time, Stefan was a dedicated club kid himself and the only one that passionately documented the legendary clubs of Stockholm during that era. 20 years later, he knew he was sitting on truly unique material. He managed to track down 108 former club kids from his old pictures to interview and photograph again. Many of these iconic clubbers went on to all kinds of brilliant careers, such as rapper Leila K, director Johan Renck (Madonna, Chernobyl etc), LaCamilla of Army of Lovers, designer Lars Wallin, author Per Hagman, artist/singer Jay-Jay Johansson, celebrity stylist Jonas Hallberg, and many more. Forewords by Mikael Bohman and Steve Blame [MTV News].

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Planket Stockholm

Planket Stockholm
Deep på Cirkus 1992–1995, Hasselbacken

30 år som fotograf, Vassa Eggen
Saknad!, billboards and posters around Stockholm

NO LIMIT, Fotografiska Studio Live

Salong CFF, Centrum För Fotografi
Stazzo, The Loungery
Planket Stockholm
CoCreatives, GT30 (Stockholm Furniture Fair)
Fria Fotografers Filial, Stockholms Kulturhus

Compiled works, Carousel

Planket Stockholm

Höstsalongen, Fotografiska
Midsommardans med Stardust, Snickarbacken 7

Compiled works, Richard Ryan Gallery

Fashion Mixtape, Spymlan
S Holm Stockholm, Kaffeverket

S Holm Stockholm, Clarion Hotel Sign

Planet Holm + Expedition, Plan Ett

Svenska Bilder, VisitSweden
Planet Holm + Expedition, So Stockholm

El Cabo, Nitty Gritty
El Cabo, Ljunggren

DJ Legends, Pst! Gallery

Polen i europeiska fotografers ögon, Polska Institutet

Warszawa, Berns

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [On the Road 98 or Meeting Dick], Spy Bar

Vänner, Formbar

Ja, Stockholms Kulturhus
Planet Holm, Lydmar
O Mode, Stockholms Kulturhus

Lollipop, Tranan
Vegas, Tranan

Puss, HG5

Deep, Stockholms Kulturhus
Deep, Tranan
Puss, Lido

Osthyvlar, Enkehuset
Expedition, HG5